The quest for balance

September 1, 2022

As a Libra, I’m on the eternal quest for balance.   I asked a teenage student, “Have you ever turned down an invitation for something you would have liked to do because of a scheduled piano lesson?” He uncontrollably delivered a half-smile and politely answered, “maybe sometimes.” I replied, “I understand the feeling because, on … Continue reading “The quest for balance”

What makes a lesson special?

August 31, 2022

We all start somewhere. I was working for a local mom-and-pop music shop when I quit my job and, during the same conversation, asked for an opportunity to teach at their new location. I had only started playing the piano a few years before. There was no prior experience with childhood lessons to guide my … Continue reading “What makes a lesson special?”

The experience you provide is > than the lesson you deliver.

August 6, 2022

Have you ever attended a party where young children were playing in perfect harmony, then suddenly, an adult stepped into the ring and announced, “Okay, kids, now we’re going to play a game!” And so begins the organization of fun. The children are given instructions that need repeating, rules that can’t be broken; perhaps they’ve … Continue reading “The experience you provide is > than the lesson you deliver.”