Frequently-Asked Questions

Yes, Tony offers private lessons by request. However, consider this:

Starting a popMATICS membership includes one private lesson with Tony, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a preferred members discount when booking future appointments.

popMATICS is for people who love music and want to play the piano creatively. All experience levels are welcome.

There are two popular approaches in today’s culture, each with its benefits and significant drawbacks. Private lessons are valuable, personalized, expensive, and hard to schedule. Modern online video-based courses can easily flex with your schedule but are lonely and offer no feedback, accountability, or customization.

We provide the benefits of BOTH—a premium experience at an affordable rate, a convenient schedule with direct access to your instructor, and a community of supportive musicians to keep you motivated and inspired!

No. Even if you’re an advanced pianist with a high level of creative freedom already at your fingertips, the popMATICS curriculum offers a unique and innovative approach that will get you listening, hearing, and thinking about music in new ways.

That’s right! We’re more than a private lesson that happens once a week. Say goodbye to negotiating schedules, worrying about missed lessons, conflicts with other activities, driving back and forth to classes, etc. Join us when you can and as often as you like. We’ll be thrilled to see you!

A popMATICS membership starts at $108/month and provides one family access to our live classes, courses, and materials. For additional customization, feedback, and support, ask us about our popSTAR program.

Your popMATICS membership includes full access to our online learning community (on Discord) and a preferred members discount when booking private lessons (available by request).

Yes! Our program is unique, and we want you to know it’s a good fit. Book a complimentary introductory session to get started. We’ll provide the campus tour and invite you to participate in our free offerings. Once you join our program, you can access our courses and attend as many live classes as you wish. Your first payment includes one private lesson with Tony and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Heck no! We make it easy to cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

All of them! =]

However, don’t worry about making a plan yourself. During the introductory session, we’ll learn about your interests, goals, and any prior experience you may have had before recommending a class schedule. All of the classes reinforce concepts from each other, so at the end of the day, what matters most is that you show up when you’re ready to have fun, make music, and get better.

Tony has been teaching piano for more than twenty years while perfecting the art of online teaching since 2011 (way before that whole pandemic thing happened). From Seattle, Washington, to Sydney, Australia, he has students scattered across the globe. To learn more about Tony’s unique teaching philosophy, check out this podcast with Tim Topham.