Fun Lessons that Turn Practice into Play

Piano Lessons for Music-Loving Kids

Alex was a 10-year-old student who loved music.

But Alex didn’t love to practice music. 
He had zero motivation to play the boring music in his lesson book.

One day, at the end of one of Alex’s lessons, I asked him what he wanted to learn.

His eyes lit up, and the next week, he burst into the studio and presented an album by The Doors. Together, we learned “Light My Fire.”

Suddenly, Alex couldn’t stop playing at home.

Not long after, Alex’s dad shared this with me: “Thanks, man! My band rehearsed last night, and Alex played The Doors with us. My buddies couldn’t believe it!”

When I turned to Alex, he looked up with a bright smile and handed me two more albums. This time, it was Elvis and The Beatles. 

This experience is why I created popMATICS . . . 

Every student should be able to play real songs from Day 1.

So what exactly is popMATICS?

popMATICS is a comprehensive musical curriculum based on popular music. Your child will play along with their favorite songs from Day 1 rather than spending months (or years) working through method books. 

Our online group lessons provide a premium experience at an affordable rate. All with zero scheduling hassles for you.

  • If your child can’t make their normal class time, just send them to a different one.
  • Or send them to multiple classes per week at no extra cost.
  • Feel free to participate with your child if you want to learn music too.

What will your child learn in popMATICS?

Within the first month, your child will:

  • Produce beautiful sounds using the full range of the instrument 
  • Quickly play along with favorite popular songs

In more advanced courses, your child will learn how to play by ear, how to read chord charts, and many other core musical skills not covered in traditional piano lessons . . . setting them up for a lifetime of enjoyment through music!  

You & your child will have access to—  

  • 50+ Live Classes each month… send them to as many as you want! Parents and siblings can join at no extra cost. 
  • The Weekly Guide delivering our class schedule and other popMATICS news (to help parents stay in touch)
  • Private Locker for your child to submit assignments and request feedback
  • Our popSTAR Incentive Program, rewarding your child for attending class and completing courses
  • Progress Reports on request
  • Free Sheet Music & Chord Charts with new songs added each week
  • Full access to our Learning Community on Discord 

Your child can redeem popSTARS at the popSHOP for Discord Nitro, Robux, Amazon, Apex Coins, and more! 

How do I sign my child up? 

Our program is unique, and we want you to know it’s a good fit. 

  1. Book a free intro session if you’d like to learn more about the program.
  2. Join our program. Live lessons start at $108/month. We will confirm your plan before charging you.
  3. Come to class as often as you want! Our monthly fee gives access to 50+ classes/month.
  4. Start creating beautiful sounds and playing your favorite songs on the piano.

Your first payment includes one free private lesson and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions to ask before booking your free lesson.

We are so lucky to have you teaching Eila! I know without a doubt she would have lost interest if she didn’t have someone patient, willing to explore Taylor Swift songs, and get silly with her!  She’s developed a real love for the piano and a passion for music because you took the time to understand her & what makes her excited to play. We can’t thank you enough for helping her find her talent & passion! 

- Sara McKenna

Forever grateful for the creativity and patience you had with Jamie and Will as you taught them and gave them the gift of music through the piano!❤  This is why Jamie and Will stayed with piano and have the love and appreciation of music they have today! Your style of teaching was what resonated with them and they are forever grateful you were their piano am I!!🎹🎼❤ 

- Kimberly Coen

Noah cannot walk by the piano without playing. He stops at pianos all the time. Our son Jared plays and has just gifted his 8 year old nephew a piano. They learned this all from Tony. It is wonderful. 

- Ed Cox

James Liddy and I give you all the credit for Evan Liddy’s ability to (still) play & enjoy the piano. You were his first & only teacher, and you made it fun & interesting for him. I’m proud to say that at 24 years of age, Evan is still playing. Thank you for being such an excellent & patient teacher! 

- Jodie Liddy

Tony is the best! Both my boys (now 18 and 20) have benefited greatly from Tony’s skill and patience. He is an excellent teacher and keeps the kids engaged. He is a great mentor and role model in music and life! He instilled a lifelong love of piano into both of my boys. They are better humans (and musicians) because of Tony!! 

- Maura Masotti