The quest for balance

As a Libra, I’m on the eternal quest for balance.  

I asked a teenage student, “Have you ever turned down an invitation for something you would have liked to do because of a scheduled piano lesson?” He uncontrollably delivered a half-smile and politely answered, “maybe sometimes.” I replied, “I understand the feeling because, on the flip side, I’ve turned down opportunities for my children because of a scheduled piano lesson.”

Balance and commitment receive high marks within my value structure. Those who feel the same don’t like to cancel appointments and struggle to choose between two competing interests.

These are all things I considered when creating the vision for channels. For the exact cost of booking a one-hour private lesson, students can access 50+ live classes a month and make the choices that work for them.

Conflicts have been control+alt+deleted.

Go to the party, and have a blast! There will be more channels tomorrow.

Visit channels to view class descriptions and book your complimentary introductory session.

Thursday September 1, 2022 - Tony Parlapiano