What is popMATICS?

We are reimagining the piano lesson! popMATICS is an adventure-themed piano curriculum that preserves the organic process, celebrates creativity, and encourages freedom of expression through music. Our program is designed for anyone who loves music and wants to play piano creatively. 

We teach piano classes for students of all ages over Zoom and through our Discord community. We offer memberships, lessons, and no-cost opportunities for anyone to observe and engage. Book a complimentary introductory session to learn more, or visit channels to view our class descriptions. 

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The quest for balance

As a Libra, I’m on the eternal quest for balance.   I asked a teenage student, “Have you ever turned down an invitation for something you would have liked to do because of a scheduled piano lesson?” He uncontrollably delivered a half-smile and politely answered, “maybe sometimes.” I replied, “I understand the feeling because, on … Continue reading "What is popMATICS?"

What makes a lesson special?

We all start somewhere. I was working for a local mom-and-pop music shop when I quit my job and, during the same conversation, asked for an opportunity to teach at their new location. I had only started playing the piano a few years before. There was no prior experience with childhood lessons to guide my … Continue reading "What is popMATICS?"

The experience you provide is > than the lesson you deliver.

Have you ever attended a party where young children were playing in perfect harmony, then suddenly, an adult stepped into the ring and announced, “Okay, kids, now we’re going to play a game!” And so begins the organization of fun. The children are given instructions that need repeating, rules that can’t be broken; perhaps they’ve … Continue reading "What is popMATICS?"

Who created popMATICS?

Tony Parlapiano is a piano instructor and the creator of popMATICS, a concept-based curriculum that encourages curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, and imagination through music. Tony resides in Western Massachusetts and carries a copy of his birth certificate for anyone who questions the authenticity of his last name.

Ready to Get Started?

Book a complimentary introductory session to learn more.