What is popMATICS?

popMATICS is a concept-based piano curriculum that preserves the organic process, celebrates creativity, and encourages freedom of expression through music.

popMATICS provides an excavation zone to explore colorful sounds that expand the imagination and uncover accessible pathways. This discovery process develops an authentic understanding of functional harmony and the mathematical formulas behind our deep-rooted emotional connections to music.

popMATICS simplifies the presentation without being reductive about the content. You’ll receive carefully structured guidance to course checkpoints and routinely revisit fundamental concepts with deepening layers of complexity for further exploration. In bocca al lupo!

The popMATICS curriculum is delivered through channels (the port of entry), ‘to go,’ and 360.

The experience you provide is > than the lesson you deliver.

Have you ever attended a party where young children were playing in perfect harmony, then suddenly, an adult stepped into the ring and announced, “Okay, kids, now we’re going to play a game!” And so begins the organization of fun. The children are given instructions that need repeating, rules that can’t be broken; perhaps they’ve … Continue reading "What is popMATICS?"

Who created popMATICS?

Tony Parlapiano is a piano instructor and the creator of popMATICS, a concept-based curriculum that encourages curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, and imagination through music. Tony resides in Western Massachusetts and carries a copy of his birth certificate for anyone who questions the authenticity of his last name.

"Tony has an awesome style that is both comprehensive and laid back. His passion for music and teaching is contagious! His approach and material for teaching popular music and theory are a fantastic way to master the art of playing by ear while building a solid foundation to play for life (even after lessons)." -Sarah B.