Piano Lessons for Music Lovers

Fun & Inspiring Piano Lessons for Kids, Adults, & Teachers

What sets popMATICS apart from traditional lessons? 

My students . . .

  • Learn favorite popular songs from Day 1
  • Play relaxing, beautiful music in minutes, not months
  • Hop into class anytime they get stuck and need help
  • Develop a frustration-free approach to practice

Affordable Plans starting at $108/month • Flexible Schedule
No Contract • Live Experienced Teacher • Family Members Welcome
Unique Curriculum • Focus on Creativity • All Ages • Teachers Welcome

Lessons for Kids

Ages 7+

We teach students real songs from Day 1. We have a full weekly calendar of lessons to choose from. If you’ve always wanted to learn music, sit in with your child anytime! Our popSTAR incentive program ensures that our students stay motivated.

Lessons for Adults

All ages

Have you tried traditional lessons or online courses, but weren’t satisfied? Or maybe you are brand new to the piano? Either way, we guarantee that you’ll love our frustration-free approach to playing music you love. 

Mentoring for Teachers

All experience levels

Do you want to teach your students non-traditional skills such as improvising, playing by ear, and reading chord charts? But maybe you’re not sure how to begin? We have you covered! popMATICS is a great supplement to any curriculum.

How do I sign up? 

Our program is unique, and we want you to know it’s a good fit. 

  1. Book a Free Trial Lesson to get started. If you continue, lessons start at $108/month.
  2. Get oriented with our FAQ Video Series.
  3. Come to class as often as you want! Our monthly fee gives access to 50+ classes/month.
  4. Start creating beautiful sounds and playing your favorite songs on the piano.

Your first payment includes one free private lesson and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions to ask before booking your free lesson.

I have studied classical piano at a collegiate level and have been teaching for 2 decades. popMATICS is helping me grow as a musician and as a teacher in ways I never have before.  Tony is an excellent teacher who really cares about giving value to his students. He is good at what he does, but is also patient, humble and approachable. You will love working with him! 

- Amy Benedict Stanger 

I love the program and so does Lily! The flexibility and the fact that Lily had a play date but her friend could still hang and participate was cool! I’m so impressed with what you’re building . . . a whole community!

- Sarah MacDonald

Both our girls experienced the genius and talented teaching of Tony for many years and thoroughly enjoyed and learned to love music as part of their life.  You will find no better music learning experience for your child than with Tony. Tony is one of the best in his profession as a teacher and conveying his infectious love of music. 

- Ned Hickey 

Tony has an awesome style that is both comprehensive and laid back. His passion for music and teaching is contagious! His approach and material for teaching popular music and theory are a fantastic way to master the art of playing by ear while building a solid foundation to play for life (even after lessons).

- Sarah Ryan Buckley

Who created popMATICS?

Tony Parlapiano is a piano instructor and the creator of popMATICS—a curriculum for students who love music and want to take an active role in the direction of their learning. Tony resides in Massachusetts and carries his birth certificate as “proof of authenticity” for his last name.